Our Lunch Date at Central Perk Singapore – F.R.I.E.N.D.S Cafe

Since we were married and having a son, every month we go back and forth from Jakarta to Singapore sometimes for the weekend, sometimes me and K stay longer for one or two weeks then Hamit back to Jakarta for work. We know it sounds tiring, we just want K have “quality time” with his…… Continue reading Our Lunch Date at Central Perk Singapore – F.R.I.E.N.D.S Cafe

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Hi, it’s weekend already. I really love baking something on the weekend. Just to give K little sweet treat. And this weekend I’m thinking about Banana Chocolate Chips Muffin, since K always love banana and chocolate (who doesn’t?) And yessss.. because we mommies having lot things to take care, So I always cook something simple…… Continue reading #RECIPES BANANA CHOCOLATE CHIP MUFFIN

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Visit Jurong Bird Park

Sebagai post pembuka. Kita mau sharing tentang liburan kita ke Jurong Bird Park, Singapore. Ada yang sudah pernah kesana? ada apa aja disana, worthed ga yah bawa si kecil masuk kesana? Yuk, disimak Semenjak punya anak rasanya pingin banget ngajak anak jalan-jalan rekreasi atau tamasya (eehh sama yaa?😅) yaahh pokonya begitulah intinya. Nah, kebetulan tiap…… Continue reading Visit Jurong Bird Park