Our Lunch Date at Central Perk Singapore – F.R.I.E.N.D.S Cafe

Since we were married and having a son, every month we go back and forth from Jakarta to Singapore sometimes for the weekend, sometimes me and K stay longer for one or two weeks then Hamit back to Jakarta for work. We know it sounds tiring, we just want K have “quality time” with his grandma. And by that, we also have “our quality time” as husband and wife.

For us, going out for lunch date just for couple hours is really important. Because, almost every time we go out together with K, we never have chance to talk about something or discuss about life or work. We always busy taking care of our toddler. That’s why every once a month we have our time as a couple, and K have his time with grandma. Win win solution right? hahaha.

This month we Chose Central Perk – F.R.I.E.N.D.S Cafe. I think they just open in 2016, we never know about this place before. A friend recommended it. We really love the ambience, reminds us about our favorite TV show FRIENDS (of course!).


For the food, we didn’t order heavy food since we already have lunch at home. haha

Alejandro Calamari and Ross “Thanksgiving” Sandwich

Surprisingly, we love the food. Sometimes we think this kinda restaurant only sell ambience not the quality of their food. But the price is kinda expensive though.

So, this is our lunch date story. We really talked about things like our future or our current life. Sometimes we talked about how we met and how can we fell in love to each other, you know, things like that. It might sounds cheesy but let me tell you, every couple need this kind of conversation. To remind you how you love each other and make your love stronger.

After that, we back home in the afternoon and back to our routine as a parent.


The Hamits 💋

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